Saturday, July 26, 2008

Chinese Restaurant

Grandma Clark, Kaysha and I all decided to go out to lunch and go fabric shopping. Kaysha was more interested in hiding under the table and smelling her new shoes.

Jes's new Hair cut!

Well I decided to go big, and cut all my hair off. not quite all but about 10 inches! i got 4 inches trimed off, and then didnt like it. and my decision to cut the other 6 inches came shortly after kaysha decided to roll my hair up in a round brush.

After the Parade

after the parade, Kaysha and I decided to go to grandmas and play. grandma painted kayshas nails. Kaysha also wore out grandma going a mile a minute.

Mapleton Parade!

Ok so i totally suck at taking pictures. or i should say at both remembering to take them and when i do take them. they look like this ... this is a picture of a skeleton riding in a golf cart. And here is the back side of elmo, when I started to take the picture he was facing me i promise.

TuBbiE tImE!

Kaysha loves the tubbie. she always is surrounded by ducks and toys, mostly ducks, i dont know how she can even sit down in there. Well usually it's a fight to get her to wash her hair, and for some reason, she decided she wanted to do it all her self. So here she is in all her glory! She will hate me for this some day, but not today! and Here are her devil horns, brandon calls her satan, so she now has the horns to prove it!

Friday, July 18, 2008

Cruel and unusual punishment

Poor kid might have a complex one day because her mom never does her hair and when she does she does this

Silly Girl...

More Camera fun with kaysha... she can be the biggest goof.


These are the after pictures... you will get to before and it will explain it all.

AS I SAID BEFORE THE "FACE OF INNOCENCE" The only person to not think this was funny is me.

mom wook at me

Yes wook, that's the cool way to say look when your 2. Kaysha and i were playing with my phone camera and took some close ups of her. And she quite enjoyed seeing the close pictures.


Kaysha's first pony tail..... or shall i say the first one she kept in.

Stadium of fire

Kaysha and i got to go to the stadium of fire with Debra. Debra and I had a blast, Kaysha not so much. She kept hiding when there were loud noises or when people would stomp on the bleachers. And she kept asking when that girl (Miley Cyrus) would get off, then she would say I don't like her. We would ask why and she would say..... Cause....... too cute.

This was while Miley was on stage.... Pure enjoyment.....

This was During the first round of loud noises!

The last of the pictures

Here are the rest of the vacation pictures in no particular order..... crack that whip!!! OK so Kaysha had way too much fun hitting uncle Braney with the licorice!!
Here are Kaysha and Landon riding the train..... they look oh so happy. I think it was about nap time when we decided to get on the train.

Pirates are scary, lets go again mom!! Kaysha loved the pirates of the Caribbean ride, it was one of her favorites after the Winnie the pooh ride of course.

and here is my little poser! so cute!

I just had to take a picture of it........ LOVE IT!!!!!!! hee hee

MoNsTroPOlis TrAnsPorTaTioN!!! the only way to ride.. with the monsters.

At the end of our very long day, we were already for a nap. Kaysha just couldn't fall asleep until we left, she had to see every part, including the parking lot.

More train riding.......... in the dark........

The Trickiest picture the whole trip, getting Kaysha and Landon to both look.

More cuteness


Zachie don't touch me it's hot, so much for posing for another cute one.

And Here are Kaysha and Annette on Donald's boat.... what a riot!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Sugar Salt & Fat

Dont you wish these were regular products? I know i don't! but they were just one of the many exciting displays at good ole Disneyland