Friday, March 26, 2010


I have stuff that I plan on hanging from the pegs on this white shelf. I just haven't decided exactly how I want them. however it's mostly done.

Yep, my messy closet......

Awe how cute. I love my bed! I really like the plate rack with the tiles. I think that's my favorite in the whole room.

And my lovely window, mostly showing I didn't leave out the wall space on either side.

And the last wall. I wont show what is behind the door, you can just trust me that its cute. I have my long mirror and the hooks holding more clothes... Just didn't feel like displaying EVERY item of clothing I have....
So there ya have it. That's my cute new room.

Monday, March 22, 2010


My little girl is growing up... OK she's got quite a ways to go But still. she's bigger EVERY day!
I also don't understand how she can sit still to have her hair done, and makeup... eyeliner and all. When Britney is doing her hair and makeup. However if Attempt to get closer than 10 ft with a brush or anything even remotely close to hair product I get yelled at or she runs away. Not only that, but she smiles for Pictures taken by Aunt Britney. So I guess I cant really complain... She likes her Aunt Britney, and that makes me happy. I kinda like her too. (but don't tell her that or it might get to her head. Sorry Brit.)
Kaysha amazes me every day. She's learning how to spell her name, Quite the task for someone that wants to draw circles with all those lines in her name. Her hobbies include, singing, dancing, playing dress up, her princess friends, and pushing ALL of moms buttons... wait maybe that should be at the top of the list. Either way that cute little "cautious woman" has me wrapped around her finger, and anything else she seems to get her little paws on. (by the way, she called herself a cautious woman the other, too cute, and so totally random.. yep she's mine)

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Here Duckie Duckie

We love to feed the ducks. LOVE IT!!! This first picture looks photo shopped but I promise it isn't. I was shocked myself when I realized I had taken such a cool looking picture with my Blackberry... yep, my phone folks!

Kaysha trying to catch the ducks.

Kaysha standing with the ducks, kinda...

Momma standing at the car with her glasses on.. it was bright.

Kaysha pushing her limits...

Sittin in the sun! it was a nice day

Painting the Room

DUAH DAH DAH DAH!!! Ok, so those of you that knew I was painting my room, here are the before and in between pictures.
My room in all it's bright pink glory.....

Kaysha refused to leave the room to watch her movie while I was painting, and ended up falling asleep... she was moved just shortly after she fell asleep.

After we got all the primer done, here is the first coat of the tan. Kaysha insisted on doing EVERYTHING she could reach... until her arms got tired.

And then she insisted on working on some extra green spots while I was trying to finish up the corners... Needless to say, my corners look like hell... but at least all the walls are the right colors as of right now.

Here are a few more pictures of the room to show the colors. I will post another post when I get the decorations up and the corners finished. It wont happen until Kaysha's next day of school. For Obvious reasons....

Kaysha Makin Faces

And here are more pictures. Sorry to over load with pictures, but we see to have taken quite a few this week.

Silly Girls

And here are just a bunch of pictures Kaysha and I have taken. just figured I would post them.


Kaysha, Zach, Mitchell and I went to fly kites at the park over by our house. It was a nice walk down. We all got our kites ready and as I was deomonstrating to kaysha how to use her kite, I got running and my pants started to fall down.... who'd a thought that to be possible... well you loose a few pounds and your pants are no longer as reliable as they used to be... it sure was fun tho!

KITES!!! Kaysha loved flying kites. she kept having to stop for just a second to look and it was fall down, silly kites.

It was so nice we had to take a picture of the mountain. Kaysha took this one.

Hop scotch feet... yep that's their new name, we made a hop scotch with chalk and she had a blast, her feet are now hop scotch feet.

Here's the proud owner of a bright red volcano! Kaysha loves her volcano, and had a blast making it bubble.

Volcano!!!!!! YEAH!!!!!!! (and my phone died so i couldnt get a picture of the actual erruption)

She kept asking me to jump on the trampoline with her. After having her, it's just not quite as fun as it used to be!

"I love to jump"... she's so adorable! windy hair and all!