Thursday, March 18, 2010

Painting the Room

DUAH DAH DAH DAH!!! Ok, so those of you that knew I was painting my room, here are the before and in between pictures.
My room in all it's bright pink glory.....

Kaysha refused to leave the room to watch her movie while I was painting, and ended up falling asleep... she was moved just shortly after she fell asleep.

After we got all the primer done, here is the first coat of the tan. Kaysha insisted on doing EVERYTHING she could reach... until her arms got tired.

And then she insisted on working on some extra green spots while I was trying to finish up the corners... Needless to say, my corners look like hell... but at least all the walls are the right colors as of right now.

Here are a few more pictures of the room to show the colors. I will post another post when I get the decorations up and the corners finished. It wont happen until Kaysha's next day of school. For Obvious reasons....

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Dani said...

I love the green! Super cute.