Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Catching up........

OK I havent posted since JUNE! holy cow. So The next like 10 posts or so are all from pictures that have been in my phone waiting to be blogged/talked about... However the posts arent exactly wordy LOL.

Date Night

Dan, Georgia, Brandon and I all went on a date up to corn bellies. We had a blast, Went in the maze, and the haunted house, and saw some pig races. It was freezing but so worth it.
Dan and I Got lost in the corn maze. So we decided to take a picture.

Dan and I posing for the camera. I dont know who's random arm that is ;) LOL.

At the Park

Dan and I at the Park ... Kaysha decided she would rather play in the water.

Kaysha playing in the water at the new North Park in spanish fork.

Demolition Derby

I have never felt so redneck in my life as I did at the demo derby... And I LOVED it... It may have had something to do with who i was there with. :) but it was a blast.

Tie Dye Shirts

Kaysha is Working on getting every speck of white on that shirt colored with dye.

Here's the shirt in it's tye dye bucket.

My Last 5K

One of my Best Friends Stephne and I did a 5K this summer with my parents. Stephne is such an awsome friend she kept me going and WALKED the whole thing with me. Its harder than you think to do this after you've had knee surgery let me tell ya. LOL

DUN DA DUN DUN... Lol. Here I am Pre-race obviously... trust me i wasnt as cute after the race.

Here I am with my Mom. She's so awsome.

I am so Proud of my Mom and Dad and all their hard work for getting into shape and eating right. This was the last 5k I plan on doing for a long time. and I am glad i made it to the end. Thanks for your inspiration Mom and Dad.

New Name

Yay Kaysha's name change has gone all the way through and she's officially all the way a Murray now.

We decided to throw a party and invite all her friends and family. It was a blast even if Emmy was the only little friend to make it.
Kaysha and Emmy Were so cute together at the party we threw in honor of Kaysha's legal name change... Any reason to throw a party right?

They were just so adorable here's another one.

Mr and Mrs Sockie McSockerson

Do they really need any Captions.... :)

Jason's boat

Here I am on Jason's boat, Kaysha refused to be in any pictures that day, so this is all i have.

Strawberry Res.

How cute Kaysha is trying to fish... it only took her about 5 minutes to realize how boring it can be.

Apparently Jason only knows how to make big fires... and this one almost caught the cabin on fire.

Here's Kaysha running back and forth on the deck... I love how beautiful the tree's are!

Here's Kaysha teasing me..

Here's Grandma and Kaysha around the camp fire...
We had a chance to stop and see the farmers market in Heber. I decided to get a tatoo... ok ok it's henna.. but it still looked pretty cool.

Another Hair post!

Ok so I absolutly had to post this... KAYSHA HAS HAIR!!!! and it's long enough to style!!!

And she is so happy that it's out of her face!!! love it

Kaysha the cook

This is Kaysha... she likes to cook! Here she is cutting carrots for grandma... not much else going on there. Im just proud my 4 year old wants to help with everything! And when she's old enough she can cook dinner for me all by herself.