Thursday, March 19, 2009

Makin' Uptcapes. (cupcakes)

We by we I mean I, decided it would be fun to make some cupcakes. Since it is March, we decided to make clovers. Kaysha Did not want to help when i started, But I let her put the ingredients in, after I measured them of course, once she realized she was making something. She had to do EVERYTHING! So I decided to give her a measureing cup and let her have at it.
We did well for the first little bit....
Then she kept trying to get the batter close enough to taste.
So you take a un-cooked uptcape. and put the marbles in
like this.......
and this......
and this.........
Then you have a pan full of uptcapes and put them in the oven and then....
They come out like this!!!

Salem Pond

Oh the Warm weather. Little Miss Stir Crazy and I went to the pond and fed the ducks and played at the park. The swings were by far the Coolest Attraction there.

And here are a few pictues of us two goofballs having fun at the park.


Kaysha can now blow her own bubbles.... and she's so good at it! Oh and on another note..... SHE'S DRESSED!!!!!!!!

Dressing Myself.

They are clothes.... they Match.... 's'all im saying.


Well to start off, This is the calm before the storm (not pictured) Here is Kaysha looking out the window of the exam room at the dr office (dont worry she's fine just a check up) So we start here with basically a profile.
Then we move to the 'Cheese' face.
And here is the 'Cute hair" picture
Then the 'Sneak Sly' look.
And the 'Neener Neener' face.
Then a cross between the 'Neener Neener' face and The 'Satanic' look.
And finally.... the only face she can do so well....... 'Got 'chew mom' face..... she's such a pro!

Family Game Night

Family Game Night.. ahhh.. this picture is Jason and Robin.... This one is Jelena.... She is so FUNNY!!!
And this particular night, she was just plain Goofy.
See what'd i tell ya.. a Regular Goofball.
and then there's Zach and Brett... Oh and we were playing Pit. I would highly Recommend it.

'Cation... cont...

This is the last of the vacation pictures, these ones were taken in Mesquite. Our hotel room wasn't ready yet, so we drove around looking for something to do. We found a mini golf that was open, and decided that would be fun. Kaysha kicked all our butts. she got a hole in ONE!! Such a little pro... no help from mom.....

She even helped grandpa keep is par low..... here she is helping him out.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Kaysha and I got to go on a vacation.. she kept calling it a 'cation. We went down to visit Grandma Clark in St. George. We got to do many things while we were down there, this picture below is of her eating the Fudge that we got at rocky mtn
Here is the Mongolian Chicken egg....... can we say BBQ ?
Here it is again, from the top, with my feet in the picture.
WOW look it that........ a Dinosaur... foot....
How cute are you? Kaysha the poser.
And Kaysha and Grandma.
Yep here's my little poser again. she's so cute she could stop an army! (but i am not willing to test that theory)


Despite the fact that my child is rarely ever dressed. Here she is putting clothes on.... lots of clothes. I think she put on one of everthing that was in her dresser.