Thursday, October 30, 2008

Tractor Ride

Kaysha and I walked over to Grandpa annies... and he was out on the tractor.. I asked her if she wanted a ride, and she said maybe. First maybe answer i think i ever got from her, ususally it's a definate no or yes. we walked over and she just hopped right on. This second picture is my fav, even tho it's a bit fuzzy.
This one you can tell she is a bit nervous.
This one looks like she is trying to jump off. but she's not she's holdin on for dear life.


Ok, so every morning when I pull into the driveway, Twitter get's on the car..... and usually kaysha and i come out and she is sitting on the very top of the car. well today while i was trying to get my car clean... i got some cute little fingerprints across the hood and on the windows and the roof..... i had to take a picture... while sitting up there she started pretending to be a cat and licking at her hands (paws). This little mess maker was caught safely and released to roam the wild.

Rolling At Grandpa Annies

And we roll down the hill..... and watch for poops.... (dog's leave their mark in odd places)
After a Brief stop, Rolling again........
Now walk a straight line........ arent moms so cruel........


MOM- Drive where the sun is not in my eyes.......
Nevermind i have Goggles

Watering the Plants can be DANGEROUS!

And yes life is hard..... good thing i got my helmet.

Kaysha decided to water the plants with her tea party container.... it looks like a watering can... anyway, she insisted to do it with her helmet on. She's too cute sometimes.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Family Night

Well here it is, A picture of Me and Kaysha. My complaint department has received enough complaints about no pictures of me on the blog..... so here It is... yes it only one, LOL, well here we are sitting at the fire after a lovely family home evening.... that i slept through. But my Mom I am sure made it a memorable night!!! (shes really good about that)(also i left used this picture cause i knew Britney didn't notice or she will shortly that my eyebrow is askew...muahhha ha ha ha) Speaking of my Mom ... here is her pumpkin! The carve style is classic!

And next we come to Kaysha's she drew all over the pumpkin prior to the cutting.... she did her part! and Brett did the rest.. and Someone put in a Captain Dink Mobile candle that burned out, so this is a picture with the second candle in it.

I am not going to lie i am not sure who's this one is, but i believe it's either Brett's or Zachary's.

And same with this one.... either Brett's or Zachary's

This is Jason's he did have a man hanging in the tree.... but do to unforeseen circumstances he is no longer in the tree..... be on the look out for a pumpkin man....

And the Marvelous Britney.... who wouldn't let me take her picture..... carved this specimen a pumpkin in a pumpkin.. how amazing.... only Britney could think this genius

And Jason kept this amazing fire going for us to roast mallows!

P.S. My Mom is so awsome, she had this big wonderful day and then came in and was tired... but still had energy to go see the new SAW movie! How Cool is that!?!?!

Scarrrrryyyy Kitty.... Silly Twitter.

Who would want to turn around to that in your window, well Kaysha did and said mom somethings glowing outside. I told her it was a Scary Kitty. So we took a picture. then i told Kaysha to go outside and see it......... so she ran and opened the door... Man she is BRAVE! (i didnt even tell her that it was our cat) so she let Scary kitty in, and said "Mom it's just silly Twitter, he's hungry) While Twitter was in the house we decided to try and get a good picture of him, i dont think we have any... and i had to post this one at my own expense, it looks like he's making a face at my feet, like they are stinky or something.... but i just got out of the shower, so i know they are clean.

Underwear Ninja!

Officially Dubbed Underwear Ninja by NIA!! Thanks Nia. Pictures only need a little explaining, a caption if you will....... This is our attempt (again) at potty training, sadly, she still does not like the underwear .....

Trick or Treat

My Mom told me about trick or treating on satuday morning in Spanish Fork on main street. And what kid doesnt like more candy, so we decided to go. Here are all the pictures.

Kaysha's hair cut

Kaysha's hair still has not been re cut since the mutilation incident. So I took her with me when I went to get mine done, and here she is sitting so still. It was nice for a change.

Friday, October 24, 2008


*8 Things Tag*

*8 TV Shows I watch...
1-Supernatural (OH MY LANTA)
4-Terminator Sarah Connor Chronicles
5-Gilmore Girls
6-Anything Disney
8-(open for suggestion)

*8 Places I like to eat
1-Ruby River
2-La Casita
3-Costa Vida
5-Olive Garden
7-Panda Express
8-My House (aka mom's)

*8 Things I am looking forward to...
1- Sleep
2-Pictures up the canyon with Kaysha
5-Christmas shopping
7-New Years Eve
8-Kayshas Birthday

*8 Things on my wish list...
1-Pay off my new car
2-Sleep over (thanks to nia that might happen)
3-fit into all my clothes (getting there)
4-a new hair cut
5-No more Stomach aches(No I am not starving myself)
6-an understanding boyfriend..... (wish list right?)
7-a fun christmas
8-lots of snow!

*8 People i tag..
4-Brit Murr
5-Brandee (again, muah ha ha)
7- Lisa
8- Melissa

Ok that was mean.... public Apoligy to Brandee Lloyd... I am sorry i keep picking on you.... smile... your house arrest will soon be over...

Miley Who??

I got this Hannah Montana wig, and it's been sitting in my car for a while. Every time we go on a car ride or anywhere for that matter, Kaysha wants me to wear the wig.... So we took it out of the car today ( what a relief ) and here she is trying it on for the first time.


Kaysha's daycare Lady is moving to Orem, we are sad to see her go... But Kaysha is sure enjoying their packing process........

Wind in the House

Kaysha and I came home from daycare yesterday and she wanted to be some beautifoo leafs. We parked in our driveway and I asked her if she wanted to walk to Grandpa Annies and get some. She said yes Walk.
So we started down the driveway and about 3 steps into our walk she says. No Mom, I want you carry me, it's cold... she was in more layers than me.... but i still decided it's not a far walk, so ok. I carried her over to Grandpas and we talked with him for a while and played with the dogs.
We asked him if we could cut down a branch of leaves to carry home. Kaysha insisted on being carried still. We went to the w side of my grandpas where he has really tall trees and he picked a larger branch for us.
And Kaysha still insisted on me carrying her, so i walked home with her in hand waving a branch of leaves in my face. We got home and she wanted to make it windy in the house.
So here are all the pictures (proof) of the wind in our house.



Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Climer, just not jumper....

we are up and away.... here's the first shot.... she want's to put in a movie.. she thinks i am sleeping. she also didn't know that the bins that are to her right are there to prevent her from making her task possible.

And the ascend, she takes her first leg up.. still not knowing that i am up and that i am taking pictures.

And the decision.... she chooses wisely.... and decides on her favorite right now... Rella (Cinderella) and she turns to try and wake me up and let her down and realizes i was up the whole time and gets mad and growls at me.. and i didn't get a good photo for that moment. you'll just have to trust me.