Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Climer, just not jumper....

we are up and away.... here's the first shot.... she want's to put in a movie.. she thinks i am sleeping. she also didn't know that the bins that are to her right are there to prevent her from making her task possible.

And the ascend, she takes her first leg up.. still not knowing that i am up and that i am taking pictures.

And the decision.... she chooses wisely.... and decides on her favorite right now... Rella (Cinderella) and she turns to try and wake me up and let her down and realizes i was up the whole time and gets mad and growls at me.. and i didn't get a good photo for that moment. you'll just have to trust me.

1 comment:

Brandee Lloyd said...

To funny! I love the determination she had to get up there and do it herself. By the way why in the heck is your daughter playing with a knife???? I would be kicking someones butt!