Friday, October 24, 2008

Wind in the House

Kaysha and I came home from daycare yesterday and she wanted to be some beautifoo leafs. We parked in our driveway and I asked her if she wanted to walk to Grandpa Annies and get some. She said yes Walk.
So we started down the driveway and about 3 steps into our walk she says. No Mom, I want you carry me, it's cold... she was in more layers than me.... but i still decided it's not a far walk, so ok. I carried her over to Grandpas and we talked with him for a while and played with the dogs.
We asked him if we could cut down a branch of leaves to carry home. Kaysha insisted on being carried still. We went to the w side of my grandpas where he has really tall trees and he picked a larger branch for us.
And Kaysha still insisted on me carrying her, so i walked home with her in hand waving a branch of leaves in my face. We got home and she wanted to make it windy in the house.
So here are all the pictures (proof) of the wind in our house.

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