Thursday, January 22, 2009

Kaysha's Birthday Party

Kaysha had a wonderful Birthday Party on Monday. All her friends came and we played games made necklaces, decorated cookies, and pinned Cinderella in the Castle. Kaysha got to finally have her Castle cake (thanks mom). All of the little girls got new aprons for the party, they all looked so cute.

I plan on posting pictures. i just dont have my camera with me today at work.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Friends to the end.

Friends to the end. Sometimes it's so hard to find a good friend that you can laugh with and cry with, someone you could call your sister away from home. Its even more rare to find those good friends who's children share the same bond. I love that Kaysha and I have such good friends to share those moments with.


Ok seeing as I rarely if ever wear makeup..... I think Kaysha was thinking she could get away with playing with it. then she tried to hide it. then decided to show me and let me take pictures. Now the make up is gone.....

Snow day

Kaysha and I went over to the Ekins to play in the snow, Kaysha and Chyanne had a blast. We got a turn to ride on the tube behind the 4 wheeler, and It was great seeing our long lost friends.



Kaysha loves mommas boots.


We went to our Grandma Clarks for Thanksgiving dinner. Here are the pictures. they pretty much sum it all up.