Friday, June 12, 2009

New Hair Cut

Ok not the greatest picture, because i tried to take it while i was in the car. anywho. Here's a shot of my new hair cut from the front. And if I can get more I will post them. but dont hold your breath. :)

Thursday, June 11, 2009


I miss my kiddo so much when i am at work. I swear i am always at work! She is always doing the cutest things. I am so glad my mom knows how to take pictures on her phone. :) ok mom love ya, and your probably smarter on YOUR phone than I am. anywho here's my little rain walker.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Tubby Time

Tubby Monster Attacks the un-suspecting ducks. (this one actually fell after the picture was taken)

Yep folks she's attempting to eat the ducks.

Kaysha now realizing that she's actually being photographed.

Kaysha sneaking up on the ducks.

Kaysha with her ducks in a row.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Grandma got out the Ice Cream and the shake maker.. and Kaysha helped with the Ice Cream.... and Helped some more.... and Helped some more.. Its so nice to Help yourself!

Toiletpaper MESS!!!

The little Munchkin has recently (ok not too recently) Decided that it is so fun to unroll the WHOLE roll of toilet paper when it is in its proper location, It's so much easier to roll.... So I have to keep taking it off its holder and putting it on the cupboard so it mysteriously doesnt unravel. But then that poses another problem. It gets wet when she sneaks in to play in the sink. I swear you can never win!

Sleepy Pants.

I have recently learned that Kaysha doesnt like overalls.. She took them off as soon as she could, we were still driving in the car. Then she realized how cold she was. And of course we didnt bring a blanket that day. (usually we have one everywhere we go) She then realized it was probably a better idea to keep her pants on. and she fell asleep that way.

Swim Table.

Here is a picture of kaysha on her swim table. I'm pretty sure the table said somewhere on it that you shouldnt be in it. But she was having too much fun.

Monkey Face

Kaysha loves when i make faces, she loves it even more when she makes faces.... here is her monkey face. Notice the fingers in the ears, not pulling them out.

Laundry Monster

Kaysha Loves to help with the laundry. Her favorite part is when the container is empty and she can wear it around the house and be a monster.

She is the most adorable monster I know.

Grandpa in the hospital.

Kaysha's entertainment while she was sitting with grandma and grandpa at the hospital. She got to play on the tall spinny chair, and she played with the sponge bob balloons! what a kid. We Got to see AirMed land, and she really liked that. But me being the dork i am totally forgot to take a picture..

Britney's Big Strawberry

So...... Mom bought some strawberries, and they looked so good... but usually she buys them for a project or something, so i left them alone, but Britney came in with this huge honker!!! and woah buddy, talk about steroids....

I had to post this picture, but Britney thinks she looks cross eyed in it.

The Aquarium......

Kaysha And Cinderella looking at the fishies.

Gross......... The underside of a Octopus!!!

More Randomness......

And some more......

Oh by the way, Kaysha had a blast!

But she wasnt a big fan of the sharks.