Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Catching up........

OK I havent posted since JUNE! holy cow. So The next like 10 posts or so are all from pictures that have been in my phone waiting to be blogged/talked about... However the posts arent exactly wordy LOL.

Date Night

Dan, Georgia, Brandon and I all went on a date up to corn bellies. We had a blast, Went in the maze, and the haunted house, and saw some pig races. It was freezing but so worth it.
Dan and I Got lost in the corn maze. So we decided to take a picture.

Dan and I posing for the camera. I dont know who's random arm that is ;) LOL.

At the Park

Dan and I at the Park ... Kaysha decided she would rather play in the water.

Kaysha playing in the water at the new North Park in spanish fork.

Demolition Derby

I have never felt so redneck in my life as I did at the demo derby... And I LOVED it... It may have had something to do with who i was there with. :) but it was a blast.

Tie Dye Shirts

Kaysha is Working on getting every speck of white on that shirt colored with dye.

Here's the shirt in it's tye dye bucket.

My Last 5K

One of my Best Friends Stephne and I did a 5K this summer with my parents. Stephne is such an awsome friend she kept me going and WALKED the whole thing with me. Its harder than you think to do this after you've had knee surgery let me tell ya. LOL

DUN DA DUN DUN... Lol. Here I am Pre-race obviously... trust me i wasnt as cute after the race.

Here I am with my Mom. She's so awsome.

I am so Proud of my Mom and Dad and all their hard work for getting into shape and eating right. This was the last 5k I plan on doing for a long time. and I am glad i made it to the end. Thanks for your inspiration Mom and Dad.

New Name

Yay Kaysha's name change has gone all the way through and she's officially all the way a Murray now.

We decided to throw a party and invite all her friends and family. It was a blast even if Emmy was the only little friend to make it.
Kaysha and Emmy Were so cute together at the party we threw in honor of Kaysha's legal name change... Any reason to throw a party right?

They were just so adorable here's another one.

Mr and Mrs Sockie McSockerson

Do they really need any Captions.... :)

Jason's boat

Here I am on Jason's boat, Kaysha refused to be in any pictures that day, so this is all i have.

Strawberry Res.

How cute Kaysha is trying to fish... it only took her about 5 minutes to realize how boring it can be.

Apparently Jason only knows how to make big fires... and this one almost caught the cabin on fire.

Here's Kaysha running back and forth on the deck... I love how beautiful the tree's are!

Here's Kaysha teasing me..

Here's Grandma and Kaysha around the camp fire...
We had a chance to stop and see the farmers market in Heber. I decided to get a tatoo... ok ok it's henna.. but it still looked pretty cool.

Another Hair post!

Ok so I absolutly had to post this... KAYSHA HAS HAIR!!!! and it's long enough to style!!!

And she is so happy that it's out of her face!!! love it

Kaysha the cook

This is Kaysha... she likes to cook! Here she is cutting carrots for grandma... not much else going on there. Im just proud my 4 year old wants to help with everything! And when she's old enough she can cook dinner for me all by herself.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Homemade Tea Party Hats

Here are the pictures of just the hats, I cropped everything else out so you could just see the hats.

Rylee's Hat

Ryan's Hat.

This is one of Ryan's hat that show's the flower.

Tayler's Hat.

Emerson's Hat.

Chyanne's Hat

Kaysha's Hat

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Lakeshore Homecoming Fun!

Well all the hard work of many has paid off. Thanks to my mom and her ambition, she organized and delegated to get our float for homecoming done. She also decided on the title and theme... Hat's Off to Tea Time.
Jason made sure to get the float put together, and sturdy for the kiddos to sit on. two wagons with a sheet of ply wood screwed to them. My mom, Sister, and Bobby Decorated the float, and made the little flowers outside in the dark with crape paper and pipe cleaners, and stapled everything down. They also got the picnic basket (hey boo boo.. how about that pic a nic basket). Brandee and I did some leg work searching just about everywhere we could think of, including DI (thanks mom for that idea, i would have never thought, even if it did turn up dry I'm glad i looked). And Finally on a WHIM, and by Whim i mean, I just felt like looking in tai pan cause i love that store, and found These Adorable Babies......

I got two just in case, so they are stacked.

Brandee and I went back up with our 4 kiddos, Wow was that a TREAT! and got two for her girls. THEN we found out Sharon (brandee's sister) didn't have hats, so my mom sent Brandon up to get two more... what a bunch of headless chickens we turned out to be. Brandee and I stayed up til 12:30 adding tulle, ribbon, flowers, gems and buttons to the hats. (Wow this is really starting to sound like an awards speech or something, better add a i thank my family friends and the man upstairs just in case) I got home at almost 1 and found stuff that i needed to get glued together, and well what the heck, i was already COVERED in hot glue what harm could it do... well i was up til 230, I also decided to fold laundry, I know I know, i must be on crack or something. finally kinda slept, kept tossing and turning thinking what am i forgetting, and WHY cant i get somethings off my mind! and then my alarm went off at 630... time to get started for the day... by 8, I was showered dressed, Frazzled, and ready for it to be over, Before the fun part even started. WOW. We, and by we i mean my mom got the float over to it's starting point while i tried to get kaysha ready to take off and NOT forget anything. Did I mention NOT forget... by that i mean leave the camera at home. Got all the Girlies adjusted on the float, here they are waiting patiently-ish (i don't care if that's not a word). The parade started and I took my place in the crowd, only to have to stand up and run over, because apparently two 8 year olds can't pull a float with 6 girls between 3 and 6 over loose gravel... they were STUCK. gotta love it, so here comes Mom to save the day and help get the float moving. Boy I'm sure that was quite the spectacle. Only to turn around and run back to my spot while the crowed watched, doubt they were looking at me. But i still feel like i stuck out like a sore thumb! on their way back I got a few more shots.

Then tried to get a close up of kaysha, that WASN'T happening. But Ron sure perked up and posed for a picture.

The Kids also got a chance to go down the big slide, here are a few goodies... I hope KZ had fun, cause she was sure worn out by the end of the day.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Poor Neglected blog!

So.... Yes I am a slacker, No I don't plan on changing, OK well actually I want to try, but seriously who am I kidding... Here we go.

On Tuesday June 8Th I had surgery, yes ANOTHER surgery. This time they took my gallbladder. . . I think i got screwed on genetics I swear! None of my other siblings have had their appendix, or gallbladder out, or their knees reconstructed. It's a miracle I have lived this long, LOL. I pray I NEVER have surgery again, EVER! That's what I am hoping for, I fully intend to do everything I can to keep myself healthy, and by being healthy I'm pretty sure I'll be happy right? that's my hope. That having been said. It actually hurts when I eat something greasy or spicy so... there's the diet change I have been looking for! Bad food + Jesica= OUCH. Not for me! And when I can start working out again, and really moving around I want to start walking Provo river trail with kaysha, and eventually work my way up to taking the both of us on the trail on bikes. yes that might be a while, mostly cause the 40 extra lbs from kaysha on the back of the bike takes quite a toll after a while. Maybe she'll get a Bike of her own this summer. If I can find the money to pay for it. Might just have to put in some over time. (sometimes i just hate overtime) but boy does that kiddo LOVE to be outside and in the sun. definitely mine. so now that i have wandered off track a little.... It kind of worked out to my advantage that this last week was all together crappy weather, it made it easier to keep Kaysha in the house. But she just wanted to lay on me and cuddle me. And BOY was she BORED!

By Sunday she was just Itching to get out of the house. We went to Church bright and early in the am, I think our bishop almost passed out from shock when he saw me walk in. And no, the church didn't go up in flames. First thing he asked me was, Did your schedule change? sadly no. I had to have surgery to get the day off. But the Sunday I ended up having off was a good one. It was my friends Baby blessing. After sacrament We went home and changed then over to the Ekins's for BBQ, those Ekins's sure put on a good BBQ. We got home at about 1-ish, and the two of us just crashed. I think we slept til about 8pm. Not so much a shock for me. but for her quite surprising. She got the much needed friend time she's been craving so bad.

Monday was my last day off before my return to work. And i was feeling pretty good, so I decided to try and get some sewing in. Well Robin and Jason came home with two ADORABLE lab puppies. I love Puppies, so does Kaysha. I did finish my sewing but much later. I am sure there is more im forgetting, but i'm done typing for now :)

Sunday, May 30, 2010

The Zoo

Kaysha went with Grandma, Grandpa, Uncle Zach, and Aunt Britney to the Zoo on Saturday... I of course was at work and all she had to say about it was, Mom they didnt have any horses or chickens or pigs. What a Kid!

Sunday, May 23, 2010


So they day for the 5K has come and gone, I am so glad I went........ IT was FREEZING COLD!!!!!!!!!!!!! I walked with my dad, we werent the fastest.. ok truth be told.. I was the last of the 7 of us to be in. I can completely see why my dr said no... But I plan on going next year.. at least this time around I have Way more time to prepare.
Sorry not much more to write, I am just not in the typing mood but havent updated for a while.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I'll sleep when I'm dead...

I think my body is mad at me. The SMALLEST things wake me up. Not just startle me, WAKE ME UP. For hours at a time. I'll elaborate... I have been pretty much graveyard shift since I started working for dispatch just over 3 years ago. With day shift rotations every 4 months or so for 8 weeks (never long enough to even adjust). I am Now day shift, And have a rather great schedule and I am thinking my body thinks it's a joke or something.
Kaysha was sleep talking last night (I sleep talk too not anything out of the ordinary, wait, actually Zach, my little bro, sleep Yells... that's not ordinary) it was so cute (Kaysha, not Zach)... until about 4am when I still couldn't fall asleep. and every time I got close she either started talking, or did this super cute snore. Cute, not conducive to sleeping. I don't know how long it will take for me to adjust. I don't think I will EVER get my sanity back. As if I really had any to begin with.
On another note. I have so many things I want to get done and things I want to go see before my weekends off comes to an end. The biggest of all those things... BREAKING Kaysha's BAD BAD BAD (mostly my fault) Habits! I swear that kid could get away with murder. And I will be honest, a lot of it is my fault. I am not going to make excuses. But. I will make a point. Single mom working 40+Hrs a week. I don't know how those single mom's with more than one kid, and no family help can do it. I defiantly look up to them.
So Keep your eyes peeled, I am sure there will be PLENTY of great Kaysha Vs. Mom stories... maybe I should keep count.. That sounds like a good idea, Watch the side bar for an official Score! :D Happy reading.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's day

I worked on mother's day for a greater portion of the day. When I got home Kaysha was just waking up from a nap, and we decided to do makeup..... She's SO cute when she smiles.

Even when she does this.

Kaysha did my makeup too. she used the brush for eye's with my bronzer and drew pictures on my face, unfortunatly (ok not really) it didnt show up in the picture she took of me.


So... I was told no more running, AT ALL!!! Last month the Dr had to do some fun little things with needle's and my knees... it was painful. I lived if you were wondering. BUT This 5K on the 22ND (in two weeks-ish) Is a walk jog run 5K. I am supporting my Mom I believe this marks the end of her 100 day challenge that she's been participating in. She looks amazing, she seems so much happier. She tried on my 'fat' jeans the other day, got them on and everything, but she's not so thrilled about the low cut style that i have to get, cause lets face it. I don't have a butt. So low cut actually fits me quite well. that's beside the point. She didn't like the style, but she got them on and zipped em up! for me (hopefully for her too) it was a proud moment. and wow am i getting off track here...
So 5K, I'm not supposed to run. but I can WALK it! I will be there with my Mom, My brothers, and my sister in law, and I think my dad. My sister unfortunately has to work. But I am sure she would too. I am SOOO excited to be doing something like this with my family. I am so happy that we can all be healthy and fit, and doing things like this together.
I slightly envy my Mom she's done so well on her new 'healthy diet' I personally struggle... I hope one day I can get to the point she's at preferably sooner. Like in the next week or so, as soon as I can get a sleep schedule that's not crazy insane with this shift change that's just happened. My fingers are crossed.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

New Baby

Baby Aiden... I hope I spelled that right. He's so TINY.... he's just hit the 5lb mark and I finally got to see him (i was sick when Sharon had him, and decided to wait a while)

Kaysha keeps asking me when I am going to have a baby so she can have a little sister. As I was sitting there holding Aiden I decided to see what KZ thought. I made her sit with me on the chair and hold the baby. She wasn't nervous, but didn't seem to care that there was a cute little baby in her arms, it was so interesting to watch. I then asked her if she still wanted a baby sister. and told her it would come out just like aiden. She then said Never mind I don't want one now...... YES YES YES YES YES YES... how many times can i say that?... i think she will FINALLY quit asking me... Sharon, seeing little Aiden on Saturday was so much more Pleasing than i ever thought possible. LOL.

Sunday, May 2, 2010


My brother bought my sister in law some ADORABLE chicks....

Since I have been busy, I haven't been around much the past week I haven't had a chance to see kaysha with them. But she sure talks about them