Sunday, June 20, 2010

Lakeshore Homecoming Fun!

Well all the hard work of many has paid off. Thanks to my mom and her ambition, she organized and delegated to get our float for homecoming done. She also decided on the title and theme... Hat's Off to Tea Time.
Jason made sure to get the float put together, and sturdy for the kiddos to sit on. two wagons with a sheet of ply wood screwed to them. My mom, Sister, and Bobby Decorated the float, and made the little flowers outside in the dark with crape paper and pipe cleaners, and stapled everything down. They also got the picnic basket (hey boo boo.. how about that pic a nic basket). Brandee and I did some leg work searching just about everywhere we could think of, including DI (thanks mom for that idea, i would have never thought, even if it did turn up dry I'm glad i looked). And Finally on a WHIM, and by Whim i mean, I just felt like looking in tai pan cause i love that store, and found These Adorable Babies......

I got two just in case, so they are stacked.

Brandee and I went back up with our 4 kiddos, Wow was that a TREAT! and got two for her girls. THEN we found out Sharon (brandee's sister) didn't have hats, so my mom sent Brandon up to get two more... what a bunch of headless chickens we turned out to be. Brandee and I stayed up til 12:30 adding tulle, ribbon, flowers, gems and buttons to the hats. (Wow this is really starting to sound like an awards speech or something, better add a i thank my family friends and the man upstairs just in case) I got home at almost 1 and found stuff that i needed to get glued together, and well what the heck, i was already COVERED in hot glue what harm could it do... well i was up til 230, I also decided to fold laundry, I know I know, i must be on crack or something. finally kinda slept, kept tossing and turning thinking what am i forgetting, and WHY cant i get somethings off my mind! and then my alarm went off at 630... time to get started for the day... by 8, I was showered dressed, Frazzled, and ready for it to be over, Before the fun part even started. WOW. We, and by we i mean my mom got the float over to it's starting point while i tried to get kaysha ready to take off and NOT forget anything. Did I mention NOT forget... by that i mean leave the camera at home. Got all the Girlies adjusted on the float, here they are waiting patiently-ish (i don't care if that's not a word). The parade started and I took my place in the crowd, only to have to stand up and run over, because apparently two 8 year olds can't pull a float with 6 girls between 3 and 6 over loose gravel... they were STUCK. gotta love it, so here comes Mom to save the day and help get the float moving. Boy I'm sure that was quite the spectacle. Only to turn around and run back to my spot while the crowed watched, doubt they were looking at me. But i still feel like i stuck out like a sore thumb! on their way back I got a few more shots.

Then tried to get a close up of kaysha, that WASN'T happening. But Ron sure perked up and posed for a picture.

The Kids also got a chance to go down the big slide, here are a few goodies... I hope KZ had fun, cause she was sure worn out by the end of the day.

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M'lis said...

Cute, cute, float. I bet the girls loved their hats.