Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Poor Neglected blog!

So.... Yes I am a slacker, No I don't plan on changing, OK well actually I want to try, but seriously who am I kidding... Here we go.

On Tuesday June 8Th I had surgery, yes ANOTHER surgery. This time they took my gallbladder. . . I think i got screwed on genetics I swear! None of my other siblings have had their appendix, or gallbladder out, or their knees reconstructed. It's a miracle I have lived this long, LOL. I pray I NEVER have surgery again, EVER! That's what I am hoping for, I fully intend to do everything I can to keep myself healthy, and by being healthy I'm pretty sure I'll be happy right? that's my hope. That having been said. It actually hurts when I eat something greasy or spicy so... there's the diet change I have been looking for! Bad food + Jesica= OUCH. Not for me! And when I can start working out again, and really moving around I want to start walking Provo river trail with kaysha, and eventually work my way up to taking the both of us on the trail on bikes. yes that might be a while, mostly cause the 40 extra lbs from kaysha on the back of the bike takes quite a toll after a while. Maybe she'll get a Bike of her own this summer. If I can find the money to pay for it. Might just have to put in some over time. (sometimes i just hate overtime) but boy does that kiddo LOVE to be outside and in the sun. definitely mine. so now that i have wandered off track a little.... It kind of worked out to my advantage that this last week was all together crappy weather, it made it easier to keep Kaysha in the house. But she just wanted to lay on me and cuddle me. And BOY was she BORED!

By Sunday she was just Itching to get out of the house. We went to Church bright and early in the am, I think our bishop almost passed out from shock when he saw me walk in. And no, the church didn't go up in flames. First thing he asked me was, Did your schedule change? sadly no. I had to have surgery to get the day off. But the Sunday I ended up having off was a good one. It was my friends Baby blessing. After sacrament We went home and changed then over to the Ekins's for BBQ, those Ekins's sure put on a good BBQ. We got home at about 1-ish, and the two of us just crashed. I think we slept til about 8pm. Not so much a shock for me. but for her quite surprising. She got the much needed friend time she's been craving so bad.

Monday was my last day off before my return to work. And i was feeling pretty good, so I decided to try and get some sewing in. Well Robin and Jason came home with two ADORABLE lab puppies. I love Puppies, so does Kaysha. I did finish my sewing but much later. I am sure there is more im forgetting, but i'm done typing for now :)

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