Friday, July 31, 2009

Makin' Bread's

Kaysha had a BLAST kneading the dough. she got to make her hands in it. Not to mention the fun she had with the flour! We drew all sorts of pictures in the flour after we finished the dough. and some how it all ended up on the floor

And this is how you make French Bread with a 3 year old.

And another picture just cause. She was totally cheesing it up, but my camera was too slow.

She got mad at me for putting the dough on a pan to rise. . . and took off running i gave her a few min to calm down and went in to check on her and she was out!

And here's a close up of her cute face, she was so exhausted. That was our 3rd project for the day, we also painted her ceramic ponies, and cut veggies for the chicken lasagna! Oh by the way, the chicken lasagna was really good.

Another Hair CUT!!!

How precious!!!! she cut HER OWN hair, while it was still in a pony tail, i took the pony tail out and brushed it, it came out in globbs.

Here she is at Aunt Youngsun's Getting ready for her hair to really be cut.

She now has bangs!

And how cute she is! what a kid. I told her if she cut her hair by herself again, We are shaving it off! (hollow threat i swear!)

24th Parade

Here's Kaysha sitting back on her chair watching the rest of the parade. We had to move like 6 times to get out of the shade.

Here is a picture of me and my Grandma. I dont think i have any other pictures with me and her.

Here's Kaysha and I while we were in the sun. She wanted my glasses and then still wanted to put her hands over her eyes.

Here's a cute one of kaysha.... trying not to get her picture taken. She had so much fun watching the 'princess's' she didnt care for ANY of the vehicles with lights or sirens.

Animals and Ice Cream

This black swan was following us around as we walked back and forth, but as soon as we turned around to look at it it would hide.

Oh how cute the piggie piggies are!

This crazy guy kept trying to peck at us.

Oh what a cute goat!
We went over to see the animals with Britney and told Britney that we were going to get ice cream and tricked her into going with us. we still went and got ice cream after we were done looking at the animals.

Princess's in a row

Kaysha is so proud of her princess's. They were having a parade on the end of my bed.
We got to sing princess songs... non of which i remember we made them up as we went. Then they all did swan dives off the bed post!

Monday, July 20, 2009


So Kaysha and I were sitting at the computer at home while i was trying to fix my phone, and she started drawing on the scratch paper and started singing her ABC's. It went like this... ABCDEF.... MOM......What's the rest? It was just too cute!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Happy Birthday to me!!! So we didnt Celebrate my Birthday on the day of my Birthday cause i had work. But im ok with that. Here is a picture of my B-day cake... And no I wasnt really adopted, but britney got a kick out of it, I think...

Grandma busted out the Guitar Hero so we could play a few rounds. But since our memor card sucks we have to rebeat the game everytime we play, so it's like starting over everytime. But this time we convinced kaysha to get in on the action! yeah!!!

I know lively but it was great.

Kaysha came in to wake me up and said Happy Birthday Mom! I said thanks kiddo. and then she said "We got you a present Mom, It's a shirt!" can i just say i WOW! How cute!

Thursday, July 9, 2009


Ok, Brandon Got a kitty, and it has now chosen Kaysha to follow around..... and love.... well Brandon named it Facebook. And Kaysha says it so cute... pronounciation is actually spacebutt. But she loves her little kitty. Better name to come soon:)

Hopefully we will have many more stories to come about Kaysha and Spacebutt.