Friday, July 31, 2009

Makin' Bread's

Kaysha had a BLAST kneading the dough. she got to make her hands in it. Not to mention the fun she had with the flour! We drew all sorts of pictures in the flour after we finished the dough. and some how it all ended up on the floor

And this is how you make French Bread with a 3 year old.

And another picture just cause. She was totally cheesing it up, but my camera was too slow.

She got mad at me for putting the dough on a pan to rise. . . and took off running i gave her a few min to calm down and went in to check on her and she was out!

And here's a close up of her cute face, she was so exhausted. That was our 3rd project for the day, we also painted her ceramic ponies, and cut veggies for the chicken lasagna! Oh by the way, the chicken lasagna was really good.

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The Tarin Family said...

She is so cute! And getting so big! One day, when I'm back in the states [who knows when that'll ne though] we'll have to get together and hang out, and let our girls hang out... I think they are less than a year apart.
Hope YOU are doing well! I like to visit your blog... even if you post far and few between. ;o) I'm the same way.