Saturday, February 27, 2010

Not quite to the Olympics yet.

Kaysha and I had quite a busy evening Tuesday. We left the house at about 5p or so and went and vacuumed the car, and went through the car wash. Trying to kill time. Then we went across town to grab some dinner, then back to the other side of town to the Ice Arena. We sat in the parking lot and waited for the open skate after finishing our dinners we went in. KZ got nervous as soon as we walked in. But she was Brave and kept moving. We got our skates and went to put them on. Kz didn't say a word, just let me tie them up and we were off. As soon as we got on the ice she got nervous, She got a little walker thingy. Don't know the 'technical' term for it. but we still had to be right up against the wall, and go slow. Finally she told me her ankles hurt. she wanted bigger skates, well she was sized for the skates, so i knew they were the right size, But they were too tight around her ankles. Trying to explain to her that they are supposed to be tight didn't get me anywhere. So we slowly made our way around. When we came out she decided she was done. And since I have been kinda a slacker Mom the past week. I decided we should go find something else to do for the night.

We drove by Color Me Mine. Kz loves to paint. But they were closing soon so we decided to not stop there. We ended up going up to the Disney store to look around. We ended up in Build a Bear. Kz was so excited to pick out a bear. She filled up her bear, kissed her heart, gave her a bath, and put on some cute PJ's (cause it was almost bedtime she said) She was so excited about her new bear that we had to go show it off. I don't think I really seen her this excited about anything since we got her bed, that she doesn't sleep in all night I guess some is better than none. We got home and were off to bed after she showed off her bear to everyone. Now she carries the bear around. So stinkin cute.

Here we are Ice skating, she's not smiling cause she's nervous without me right behind her.

It's a Beautiful day!

Kaysha decided to just walk out side and hang out last week, on one of the rare beautiful days this winter. I cleaned out my car while she played with uncle Jason. Somehow she convinced him to pull her around in the wagon. She decided to lay down and look at the clouds.

Hunter's Safety

Zachary and I decided to take hunter's safety. You never know when you are going to use it. And I figured Eventually I will. We both had fun, there were some SUPER interesting people in our class. One guy decided he wanted to talk anyone that would look at him, and some that didnt. He was NON STOP talker, he wanted everyone to know that he was rusty in shooting cause he was on his mission for the last two years.... pretty sure NO ONE CARED (he re took his shooting test more than once) and then there was the kid that you couldnt help but feel bad for. but he was ALWAYS making comments about stuff that had NOTHING to do with hunting. On a lighter note, there was a very interesting gent there that was from south africa. I got the chance to chat with him a few times. He had moved here recently, and was VERY interested in hunting here in utah. He's quite the avid hunter. His accent was pretty cool too. and pretty much the rest of our class were kids that were just old enough to take the class. Either way, I had a BLAST! learned quite a bit, and was only mildy disgusted by the gutting video (not to mention that I was pretty sick myself that day didnt help) Just glad it didnt make me throw up.

Zach and I went to our shooting test on Presidents day. WE had fun teasing each other on who was a better shot. I was SOOO worried I wouldnt pass because they were counting 3 of our 4 targets, the prone, kneeling, and standing.... I had to kneel on my right knee... yeah. You can see where the disaster starts right? I had to keep stopping and adjusting cause it was SOOO uncomfortable. But I did good, and got 26/30 (which means 26 of the 30 counted shots were in the 10 or 9 area on the target)

Our Written exam was on Thursday, I was late :(wah:(wah, LOL. But i was still one of the first ones done. Got my test scored and got 100% WAHOO! yeah i know im lame ;) Zach only missed one question, so he did great.

Since my class has been over KZ has decided that she's going to shoot a deer with her nerf gun, and go lookin for em with her dora the explorer binoculars. she's such a cutie!

oh and here's a photo of my WORST target, the one that I shot while on my bad knee.

Baby Ryder

Kaysha and I went up to visit Baby Ryder on monday the 15th, Kaysha has no deemed him as her's and she's only seen him once. Here she is holding the little guy.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Happy Balemtime's Day.

On Saturday Kaysha and Grandma made me a valentines day cake. KZ frosted it and put sprinkles on it, and promptly after showing me she licked it from bottom to the top and then said oh mom it's good do you want some. I responded No, I am good but thank you it looks tasty. And she said yep it's good.

Today Kaysha came and woke me up this morning. And Our conversation went like this...

KZ "Mom, I am glad you are awake today."
Me "Oh yeah, Whys that?"
KZ "Cause......."
Me- roll my eyes and smile
KZ "Well it's just a special day"
Me "OH.... It is isn't it"
KZ "yep sure is, I just forgot which one"
Me "Valentines day, will you be my Valentine today?"
KZ "YES!! will you be my Balemtime?"

I am just so glad to be Kz's Balemtime! It made my day today! Kaysha is such a wonderful kiddo, I don't know what I'd do without her she keeps me going and on my toes. If it weren't for her I would probably not know half the stuff I know now, or be as strong of a person as I have become, she keeps me going. LOVE MY KZ!!!!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Last but not least

Wed night was the last set of games I had for the league tournament. Kz decided she wanted to watch me play. So I convinced Jason and Robin to come along so they could keep an eye on her while I played volleyball. She Loved watching the games and was getting excited along with everyone else. our first game went by pretty fast, and she was trying to figure out how to focus on watching Mommy play and not so much Parker... (Aprils little kiddo that Kaysha has a crush on) Finally during the second game she figured it all out. She was jumping up and clapping. and everytime I rotated out she would give me a big hug and say "Mom you are so great" It was adorable. Over all we took 3rd place. As we were walking out she said to me "Mom you are an AMAZING volleyball player" that totally made my day, cause even if I stunk she still would have been proud. (not that I am gloating or anything like that, but Robin sure seemed suprised at how well I played.)

Art Museum

Kaysha created her own art museum. She made a giraffe, an Octupus, and a spider to name a few. She also decided to Move the bench that's in the front entry way so that you can look right at it. She also put a stool right next to the door so she could stand on it and tell you the story about all the animals, and how a little girl found them in the woods and took them home to take care of them.

Here is a picture of her Museum, She is VERY proud.

Pirate Stache

I recently decided to clean out our storage room and make sure everything that wasnt quite in boxes made their way into the proper boxes. Kaysha found the bin of Halloween clothes. She really liked the pirate stuff. Here she is just after I decided to give her a Pirate 'stache. I finally convinced her to let me wash it off two days later.

Duck, Duck, Freddie the Duck

Bright and early Monday morning Kaysha and I went to get our taxes done. OK not so bright and early, it was 3pm, but working graves that's early for me. She was throwing a fit about putting on her clothes but wanted to go with. I was about ready to leave when I decided to give it one last try. I told her we would go feed ducks if she was nice and put her clothes on.... 30 seconds later we were dressed ready and in the kitchen getting some bread. Yes folks that's how easy it was. She wanted to see Freddie the Duck. So we went in to the CPA's office. and she still had the bread bag in hand. As we were about done getting our I's dotted and T's crossed, She holds up the bag and proclaims she's going to feed ALL the ducks. We couldn't stop laughing, it was so adorable. After we got finished up we drove over to this small pond by BYU and fed the ducks. After the bread was finished off we decided to walk around in the ducks (by they way these ducks are not shy) Kaysha started pointing at ducks saying that's not Freddie the duck, or that's just a duck mom. As if there were nothing special about them. Then she pointed to one duck and said "Mom, That's my duck Freddie"

These are our Freddie the duck pictures. I wont lie I don't remember which one is Freddie.

Up the Nose

Kaysha, Kaysha, Kaysha..... What are we going to do with you?? She takes after her Uncle Jason. Yes Jason my friends, He's the infamous one that's done it first.. or rather the first one that's memorable in our family. . . Here's a Lego Kaysha put up her nose, it's round and Just the RIGHT SIZE, according to her. She told Grandma just before church, that the one side of her nose was hard and the other soft. So Grandma too a look and sure enough she put something up there. They didn't get the chance to pull it out before church, so she got to go to church with the Lego in her nose. She told me that she liked going to Grandma's classes (we weren't going to leave her un-attended with any possibility of other objects joining that lonely Lego) After church they were able to get the Lego out with out too much of a fuss, and a small sized bloody nose. Which unfortunately for her is quite a common thing. I am beginning to believe that my be part of the cause of those bloody noses. Here are a few photos of the Lego.