Saturday, February 27, 2010

Not quite to the Olympics yet.

Kaysha and I had quite a busy evening Tuesday. We left the house at about 5p or so and went and vacuumed the car, and went through the car wash. Trying to kill time. Then we went across town to grab some dinner, then back to the other side of town to the Ice Arena. We sat in the parking lot and waited for the open skate after finishing our dinners we went in. KZ got nervous as soon as we walked in. But she was Brave and kept moving. We got our skates and went to put them on. Kz didn't say a word, just let me tie them up and we were off. As soon as we got on the ice she got nervous, She got a little walker thingy. Don't know the 'technical' term for it. but we still had to be right up against the wall, and go slow. Finally she told me her ankles hurt. she wanted bigger skates, well she was sized for the skates, so i knew they were the right size, But they were too tight around her ankles. Trying to explain to her that they are supposed to be tight didn't get me anywhere. So we slowly made our way around. When we came out she decided she was done. And since I have been kinda a slacker Mom the past week. I decided we should go find something else to do for the night.

We drove by Color Me Mine. Kz loves to paint. But they were closing soon so we decided to not stop there. We ended up going up to the Disney store to look around. We ended up in Build a Bear. Kz was so excited to pick out a bear. She filled up her bear, kissed her heart, gave her a bath, and put on some cute PJ's (cause it was almost bedtime she said) She was so excited about her new bear that we had to go show it off. I don't think I really seen her this excited about anything since we got her bed, that she doesn't sleep in all night I guess some is better than none. We got home and were off to bed after she showed off her bear to everyone. Now she carries the bear around. So stinkin cute.

Here we are Ice skating, she's not smiling cause she's nervous without me right behind her.

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