Friday, February 12, 2010

Last but not least

Wed night was the last set of games I had for the league tournament. Kz decided she wanted to watch me play. So I convinced Jason and Robin to come along so they could keep an eye on her while I played volleyball. She Loved watching the games and was getting excited along with everyone else. our first game went by pretty fast, and she was trying to figure out how to focus on watching Mommy play and not so much Parker... (Aprils little kiddo that Kaysha has a crush on) Finally during the second game she figured it all out. She was jumping up and clapping. and everytime I rotated out she would give me a big hug and say "Mom you are so great" It was adorable. Over all we took 3rd place. As we were walking out she said to me "Mom you are an AMAZING volleyball player" that totally made my day, cause even if I stunk she still would have been proud. (not that I am gloating or anything like that, but Robin sure seemed suprised at how well I played.)

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