Saturday, February 27, 2010

Hunter's Safety

Zachary and I decided to take hunter's safety. You never know when you are going to use it. And I figured Eventually I will. We both had fun, there were some SUPER interesting people in our class. One guy decided he wanted to talk anyone that would look at him, and some that didnt. He was NON STOP talker, he wanted everyone to know that he was rusty in shooting cause he was on his mission for the last two years.... pretty sure NO ONE CARED (he re took his shooting test more than once) and then there was the kid that you couldnt help but feel bad for. but he was ALWAYS making comments about stuff that had NOTHING to do with hunting. On a lighter note, there was a very interesting gent there that was from south africa. I got the chance to chat with him a few times. He had moved here recently, and was VERY interested in hunting here in utah. He's quite the avid hunter. His accent was pretty cool too. and pretty much the rest of our class were kids that were just old enough to take the class. Either way, I had a BLAST! learned quite a bit, and was only mildy disgusted by the gutting video (not to mention that I was pretty sick myself that day didnt help) Just glad it didnt make me throw up.

Zach and I went to our shooting test on Presidents day. WE had fun teasing each other on who was a better shot. I was SOOO worried I wouldnt pass because they were counting 3 of our 4 targets, the prone, kneeling, and standing.... I had to kneel on my right knee... yeah. You can see where the disaster starts right? I had to keep stopping and adjusting cause it was SOOO uncomfortable. But I did good, and got 26/30 (which means 26 of the 30 counted shots were in the 10 or 9 area on the target)

Our Written exam was on Thursday, I was late :(wah:(wah, LOL. But i was still one of the first ones done. Got my test scored and got 100% WAHOO! yeah i know im lame ;) Zach only missed one question, so he did great.

Since my class has been over KZ has decided that she's going to shoot a deer with her nerf gun, and go lookin for em with her dora the explorer binoculars. she's such a cutie!

oh and here's a photo of my WORST target, the one that I shot while on my bad knee.

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