Friday, February 12, 2010

Up the Nose

Kaysha, Kaysha, Kaysha..... What are we going to do with you?? She takes after her Uncle Jason. Yes Jason my friends, He's the infamous one that's done it first.. or rather the first one that's memorable in our family. . . Here's a Lego Kaysha put up her nose, it's round and Just the RIGHT SIZE, according to her. She told Grandma just before church, that the one side of her nose was hard and the other soft. So Grandma too a look and sure enough she put something up there. They didn't get the chance to pull it out before church, so she got to go to church with the Lego in her nose. She told me that she liked going to Grandma's classes (we weren't going to leave her un-attended with any possibility of other objects joining that lonely Lego) After church they were able to get the Lego out with out too much of a fuss, and a small sized bloody nose. Which unfortunately for her is quite a common thing. I am beginning to believe that my be part of the cause of those bloody noses. Here are a few photos of the Lego.

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