Tuesday, September 30, 2008


As you probably know, Uncle branny likes to call kaysha Satan.. or the Devil. and apparently Uncle Jason likes to teach kaysha how to play with knives.... not to mention the fact that i came home yesterday from work to a sharpie tatooed 2 year old...... it's all just lovely!!!

Goof Balls & Chocolate

I dont think i need to explain anything other than... the brown on her nose..... it's chocolate..... kaysha loves her chocolate. yummmmmmyyyyyyy!!!!


Kaysha Loves All of the Cinderella movies, and she loves playing with all of my dvd's. she decided to stack them up and carry them around like gus gus on the first Cinderella. and it looked just like that scene watching her. She tried to pick one up that was on the ground and add it to her stack.... and now i have a huge pile of dvd's to pick up!

Update on Kayshas Feet

we still have no idea what happened, but our best guess is a bug bite. it seems like it went just as fast as it came. good ole over the counter allergy meds helped of course.
but now her foot is just fine and she's back to herself!!

All My Hair

Kaysha decided to cut her own hair, it's hard to see in the picture how much she cut. But she cut out a significant chunk. the whole middle section is gone. and when she was asked why she cut her hair she replied "it was in my face" however she decided to cut the back not the front. And the front is still long and in her face. And now i cant go take her to get it cut because now i need it to cover up the rest!!
I am just glad i am not the only mom in history that's had to deal with a bad hair cut their child gave themself.
If i can find a picture i will post one of my own hair cut, very similar situation! and this is the hair that's actually in her face!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Poor Little Feet!

Kaysha's poor little foot and ankle are all swollen, here is a picture of her ankle topview with pen around the swelling...... dont ya love camera phones hard to tell what things are. but i promise this is a top view of her swollen foot. she had benidril about 1 hr before these pictures were taken in hopes that the swelling would fade. Well the red went away a bit, but still swollen and hot. The little pen marks at the top of her foot are Triangles, kaysha loves to draw triangles so to convince her to let me draw on her i had to let her draw on me, then draw what she wanted on her...... ultimatly i got what i needed. here is a compairson of her feet. so you can see how big the one foot really is. it's hard to tell with little kids feet when they are alone cause they are so cute and chubby.. and at times hard to tell the difference between chubby and swollen.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

My Kitty

Kaysha And I got a kitty that someone was going to take to the pound.. or shall we say the "big house" I felt sorry for the little guy so we took him home. Kaysha LOVED IT! but mom..... eh not so much. we kept it for the weekend and then ended up taking it to the "Big House". Poor little kitty was just too young and needed constant attention.. and who am i kidding i cant hardly give constant attention to kaysha let alone a little kitty. all i can say is i hope someone nice picks him up. kaysha was slightly devistated, but i know she's over it, sadly all it took was a kit kat.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Cute hair

i love when she let's me do her hair, but she usually likes to have me straighten it, she doesnt like when i put gel in it to make it curly.


So I found this on the internet, it's just like my car!! My new car, I have been too busy to really do much on my blog. So here I am cheating and using others pictures...... oh yeah it's a 2007 Honda Accord

Friday, September 5, 2008


I am a major slacker....... I decided to take a little "stay-cation" and stay close to home but take vacation, i ended up spending it at home sick. i have many pictures to post, when i can get them up loaded..... but i promise i have not abandonded my little blog!