Friday, September 19, 2008

Poor Little Feet!

Kaysha's poor little foot and ankle are all swollen, here is a picture of her ankle topview with pen around the swelling...... dont ya love camera phones hard to tell what things are. but i promise this is a top view of her swollen foot. she had benidril about 1 hr before these pictures were taken in hopes that the swelling would fade. Well the red went away a bit, but still swollen and hot. The little pen marks at the top of her foot are Triangles, kaysha loves to draw triangles so to convince her to let me draw on her i had to let her draw on me, then draw what she wanted on her...... ultimatly i got what i needed. here is a compairson of her feet. so you can see how big the one foot really is. it's hard to tell with little kids feet when they are alone cause they are so cute and chubby.. and at times hard to tell the difference between chubby and swollen.

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Ty & Em said...

Jess did you ever find out what happend to her little foot? P.S. it's your cousin emily (shepherd) blohm! my blog is private so send me your email and i'll add you!