Monday, April 28, 2008

More From Us!

Well this week we have Aunt Net visiting. We all went to Amber family, and had breakfast with Anet and Grandpa, Grandma, Uncle Brandon, Uncle Zach, Brett, Jelena, and Grandpa Annie. We all ordered too much food. Our eyes were defiantly bigger than our stomachs. Kaysha Wasn't sure what to think at first but decided she'd sit on Aunt Net's lap, then she decided to sit on Grandpa Annie's lap. She was so happy that we had family all there with her. She wasn't so happy when it was time to leave and she couldn't go with mommy.
Sunday night we had a family party so everyone could get together while Anet was here. I got to show off my room and Kaysha got to play with the cousins. Jelena also made this amazing dish i don't know what it's called but i intend on getting the recipe. I had to leave so I don't know how the rest of the party went. But it was a family party so I am sure it went well.
Today she was outside while Grandma and Papa were planting the garden. she decided to help and got to play with her wheel barrel. she also decided after it was only her and Papa outside that she was going to wash all the sparkles off of her Polly Pocket clothes. When I got back to her she had soaked all her clothes, and wanted me to cuddle cause she was cold. We got inside and she got changed and i had to leave for work (I seem to always be leaving to work). she didn't want me to go but kissed me anyway.
I think she might be starting to get used to the fact that i have to work.
I will have the next 4 days of so I intend to play with her and get some other stuff done. I am thinking tomorrow we will go see the Ducks at Salem pond. Kaysha's favorite are ducks she just loves them. And maybe we will go outside in our back yard and build a sand castle. I just don't know what to do with the time we are going to have. I have a bit to make up for working all the time.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Small Note....

I just had to add this before i forgot.

Today on the way home from daycare Kaysha said "Look Mom it's raining snow!"

She was so excited for the snow rain she talked about it the whole way home

Wednesday, April 23, 2008


I hate when i have to go to work and kaysha doesnt want me to. Today she kept trying to distract me every time I said i have to got to work. We were sitting at the kitchen table and she was sitting infront of me, she said "mom I work you, get my shoes." and then she decided to put on her poutty face, which is so hard to resist sometimes. And she knows it!! She also decided to take me to her room when I tried to leave and she wanted me to cuddle. Finally I made it to the door. She was not very happy with me, so she ran to grandma and started crying. I hate leaving her like that but i needed to go.
Earlier we got to take a nap together and she woke up and said mom get up! I am bored! so of course i got up and we played in bed for a while.
She has quite the personality now and knows what she wants.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Store Sleeper

And here she is from the front view, she's quite the napper.

Store Sleeper

Kaysha is such a Cutie and she, as most other toddlers, can get really tired from time to time and find some very unusual places to sleep. Todays nap was taken in the window of the fabric store on main st. she was out like a light. When it came time came to go, she didnt want to get up. The smarter she get's the harder it's going to be to find her.

Monday, April 21, 2008


new blog, i was having problems with the last one so i started over