Wednesday, April 23, 2008


I hate when i have to go to work and kaysha doesnt want me to. Today she kept trying to distract me every time I said i have to got to work. We were sitting at the kitchen table and she was sitting infront of me, she said "mom I work you, get my shoes." and then she decided to put on her poutty face, which is so hard to resist sometimes. And she knows it!! She also decided to take me to her room when I tried to leave and she wanted me to cuddle. Finally I made it to the door. She was not very happy with me, so she ran to grandma and started crying. I hate leaving her like that but i needed to go.
Earlier we got to take a nap together and she woke up and said mom get up! I am bored! so of course i got up and we played in bed for a while.
She has quite the personality now and knows what she wants.

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marlene said...

like mother like daughter, you did the same thing! Oh well, we had fun any way. she gets over it quick enough, then she is super excited to see you when you get home!--Gramma