Thursday, April 23, 2009

Knee Surgery.

Well as most of you know, I had knee surgery. My surgery was on April 7th at about 10am.

This is my Before picture. I am pretty swolen but it's not so bad, just really painful to walk on.
And here are my two after pictures. the first one is right after i took the bandage and ace wrap off. it doesnt even look like a knee to me. More like a huge lump on my leg. You can also see that my calf muscle is smaller cause I havent been using my leg too much. so yeah.... this picture is day Two.
This one is less un sightly but still not pretty. This is day three, it got less swelling, but it's still huge.

I dont have any new pictures, but now my knee looks normal again. and recovery is going great, I even get to play soft ball soon....... WAHOO! ! !

Salem Pond.

Kaysha and I went to Salem pond just before I had my knee surgery, so this was about the first week of April-ish... I love this picture of her, she just loved how her hair was 'flying' in the wind.
Here we are being cheese heads. LOL.
and momma givin Kay's a kiss. she liked this picture, so i had to add it.