Monday, February 15, 2010

Happy Balemtime's Day.

On Saturday Kaysha and Grandma made me a valentines day cake. KZ frosted it and put sprinkles on it, and promptly after showing me she licked it from bottom to the top and then said oh mom it's good do you want some. I responded No, I am good but thank you it looks tasty. And she said yep it's good.

Today Kaysha came and woke me up this morning. And Our conversation went like this...

KZ "Mom, I am glad you are awake today."
Me "Oh yeah, Whys that?"
KZ "Cause......."
Me- roll my eyes and smile
KZ "Well it's just a special day"
Me "OH.... It is isn't it"
KZ "yep sure is, I just forgot which one"
Me "Valentines day, will you be my Valentine today?"
KZ "YES!! will you be my Balemtime?"

I am just so glad to be Kz's Balemtime! It made my day today! Kaysha is such a wonderful kiddo, I don't know what I'd do without her she keeps me going and on my toes. If it weren't for her I would probably not know half the stuff I know now, or be as strong of a person as I have become, she keeps me going. LOVE MY KZ!!!!

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The Hale Family said...

That's pretty darn cute. Veronica used to say Valentimes day, with an M, so we still say that. Enjoy her now, while she is still cute and young, and before she can become a teenager who thinks everything you do is old, and dumb. he he.. :)