Thursday, September 3, 2009

A few missed events.

SLACKER, that having been said... here's a few things i missed

We had a family reunion on the carter side at the park in mapleton. Kaysha loved playing at the park. I got to talk to a few cousins of mine that I havent seen in a long time and meet a few I didnt even know. We send the Pasta salad with Brandon who was going to drop it off on his to work. Brandon being the responsible one that he is, put the salad at the fridge at my grandmas house so it wouldnt go bad sitting out at the park. Well..... NO one knew it was at grandmas house, not even grandma. So the reunion was pasta salad-less. When we all parted ways, we sent someone up to check and make sure it wasnt still in his car parked at the mall. I rode over with Britney and we made it almost to the house and grandma called to let us know there was a large salad in her fridge, HOORAY!!! we found the salad. It was still good. Way to go BRAN makin' sure the salad stays cold.

Kaysha And I went to Color Me Mine on a saturday night, she was my date. She picked out this piggy bank that she just fell in love with, and yes it was the first thing she saw. I tried to get her to pick out something else, but she wanted her piggy. So started painting. I decided to make a princess plate and cup. Kaysha helped with the cup. I walked over to get a little more purple for the cup. Kaysha was left to gaurd the stuff.... well the paper that protects their tables can be decieving. She put down the cup on the paper, and there was no table under it. SHE WAS SO MORTIFIED!!! it scared her so bad she just started crying. I hurried back to the table, and she just sat on my lap and cried. She felt so bad that she broke her princess cup. I finally convinced her that it was ok. We turned in our stuff and left. We were almost home and she was sad again. She didnt want her piggy to sleep at that store. He needed to sleep in her house. I told her they had to keep piggy for a few days then we could go pick him up. A few days later she asked if we could go get piggy yet... we finally made it up there and she held him on his lap the whole way home. An Evening well spent.

Grandma's Birthday. Grandma had a birthday, and I'm still trying to figure out how she's still 21, and I am 24, I'll never understand :) When I got home from work in the morning, I cleaned house. Shocking I know I should have taken pictures. But I made sure that Before I went to sleep the house was clean. When I woke up Kaysha and I spent an afternoon working on getting stuff for grandma for her b day. We went over to Grandma Clark's and made a flower arrangement. Then we went over to Maceys and picked up 2 dozen, yes TWO dozen balloons for Grandma since she loves them SOOO MUCH!!! and went home. Getting the balloons out of the car was actually harder than putting them in. We only popped only 1. I had to work (shocker i know) So I dont know what kind of festivities went on after I left but it was a great day.

Off the top of my head that's all I can think of at this point. If i remember anything else I will add it here and there.

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Dani said...

I love the piggy bank story :).