Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Basement!!!

SO..... I am hoping to get the basement done this winter. Yes my fingers are crossed. So I spent the past weekend cleaning and De junking... I promised I would take pictures throughout the project, However Due to my own embarrassment I decided to fore go the 'before' picture until the basement was clean.... and yes about 90% of what was down there making the mess was Kaysha toys, dirty clothing, blankets, and Jason's stuff that needs to be re-located... LOL. SO that having been said... I will take a picture when I am done putting the blankets away and some of the boxes moved or stacked better. And again you just need to trust me and don't want to see the before before picture... I have enough Embarrassing moments don't need another.

I did get Kaysha's special toy place Mostly done. We have moved the books that were under the stairs up to the office, and now there is space on those shelves for Kaysha's toys to be 'out of the way' OK i know that really only goes so far. But it's always worth the try. I want to Make a cute curtain to put up but Am still going back and forth with what i like. so that's still to be decided. and i am thinking of painting the shelves. again still undecided.

As for the basement I am hoping to get The rest of the sheet rock taken care of and the light's taken care of, Get that sucker Mudded and Textured and then Paint :) Carpet may be a while but if the rest of the room is done then we can move the entertainment center downstairs and whatever else my mom decides she wants down there. and maybe even get the 'kitchen' area done. But for now, I want to concentrate on the Living room area.

SO that's the plan... I promise more pictures to come.

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