Monday, May 10, 2010


So... I was told no more running, AT ALL!!! Last month the Dr had to do some fun little things with needle's and my knees... it was painful. I lived if you were wondering. BUT This 5K on the 22ND (in two weeks-ish) Is a walk jog run 5K. I am supporting my Mom I believe this marks the end of her 100 day challenge that she's been participating in. She looks amazing, she seems so much happier. She tried on my 'fat' jeans the other day, got them on and everything, but she's not so thrilled about the low cut style that i have to get, cause lets face it. I don't have a butt. So low cut actually fits me quite well. that's beside the point. She didn't like the style, but she got them on and zipped em up! for me (hopefully for her too) it was a proud moment. and wow am i getting off track here...
So 5K, I'm not supposed to run. but I can WALK it! I will be there with my Mom, My brothers, and my sister in law, and I think my dad. My sister unfortunately has to work. But I am sure she would too. I am SOOO excited to be doing something like this with my family. I am so happy that we can all be healthy and fit, and doing things like this together.
I slightly envy my Mom she's done so well on her new 'healthy diet' I personally struggle... I hope one day I can get to the point she's at preferably sooner. Like in the next week or so, as soon as I can get a sleep schedule that's not crazy insane with this shift change that's just happened. My fingers are crossed.

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