Sunday, May 9, 2010

New Baby

Baby Aiden... I hope I spelled that right. He's so TINY.... he's just hit the 5lb mark and I finally got to see him (i was sick when Sharon had him, and decided to wait a while)

Kaysha keeps asking me when I am going to have a baby so she can have a little sister. As I was sitting there holding Aiden I decided to see what KZ thought. I made her sit with me on the chair and hold the baby. She wasn't nervous, but didn't seem to care that there was a cute little baby in her arms, it was so interesting to watch. I then asked her if she still wanted a baby sister. and told her it would come out just like aiden. She then said Never mind I don't want one now...... YES YES YES YES YES YES... how many times can i say that?... i think she will FINALLY quit asking me... Sharon, seeing little Aiden on Saturday was so much more Pleasing than i ever thought possible. LOL.

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