Monday, October 27, 2008

Scarrrrryyyy Kitty.... Silly Twitter.

Who would want to turn around to that in your window, well Kaysha did and said mom somethings glowing outside. I told her it was a Scary Kitty. So we took a picture. then i told Kaysha to go outside and see it......... so she ran and opened the door... Man she is BRAVE! (i didnt even tell her that it was our cat) so she let Scary kitty in, and said "Mom it's just silly Twitter, he's hungry) While Twitter was in the house we decided to try and get a good picture of him, i dont think we have any... and i had to post this one at my own expense, it looks like he's making a face at my feet, like they are stinky or something.... but i just got out of the shower, so i know they are clean.

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