Monday, October 27, 2008

Family Night

Well here it is, A picture of Me and Kaysha. My complaint department has received enough complaints about no pictures of me on the blog..... so here It is... yes it only one, LOL, well here we are sitting at the fire after a lovely family home evening.... that i slept through. But my Mom I am sure made it a memorable night!!! (shes really good about that)(also i left used this picture cause i knew Britney didn't notice or she will shortly that my eyebrow is askew...muahhha ha ha ha) Speaking of my Mom ... here is her pumpkin! The carve style is classic!

And next we come to Kaysha's she drew all over the pumpkin prior to the cutting.... she did her part! and Brett did the rest.. and Someone put in a Captain Dink Mobile candle that burned out, so this is a picture with the second candle in it.

I am not going to lie i am not sure who's this one is, but i believe it's either Brett's or Zachary's.

And same with this one.... either Brett's or Zachary's

This is Jason's he did have a man hanging in the tree.... but do to unforeseen circumstances he is no longer in the tree..... be on the look out for a pumpkin man....

And the Marvelous Britney.... who wouldn't let me take her picture..... carved this specimen a pumpkin in a pumpkin.. how amazing.... only Britney could think this genius

And Jason kept this amazing fire going for us to roast mallows!

P.S. My Mom is so awsome, she had this big wonderful day and then came in and was tired... but still had energy to go see the new SAW movie! How Cool is that!?!?!

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Brandee Lloyd said...

You must of had a slow night at work! Good job on all the posts. I love the underwear on the head and not on the butt. Keep trying the potty training it will happen eventually. I think I might start attempting Rylee. Wish me luck.