Monday, March 22, 2010


My little girl is growing up... OK she's got quite a ways to go But still. she's bigger EVERY day!
I also don't understand how she can sit still to have her hair done, and makeup... eyeliner and all. When Britney is doing her hair and makeup. However if Attempt to get closer than 10 ft with a brush or anything even remotely close to hair product I get yelled at or she runs away. Not only that, but she smiles for Pictures taken by Aunt Britney. So I guess I cant really complain... She likes her Aunt Britney, and that makes me happy. I kinda like her too. (but don't tell her that or it might get to her head. Sorry Brit.)
Kaysha amazes me every day. She's learning how to spell her name, Quite the task for someone that wants to draw circles with all those lines in her name. Her hobbies include, singing, dancing, playing dress up, her princess friends, and pushing ALL of moms buttons... wait maybe that should be at the top of the list. Either way that cute little "cautious woman" has me wrapped around her finger, and anything else she seems to get her little paws on. (by the way, she called herself a cautious woman the other, too cute, and so totally random.. yep she's mine)

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