Thursday, January 14, 2010

Kaysha and her slacker mom

Yep.... I'm the slacker mom. I have let kaysha run around the house too long just in her underwear. Now I have a nudist on my hands! She has now decided to ditch the drawers and run around in her birthday suit... Yes her birthday is coming up, but that's NO excuse. She is also trying to rub her nudie ways on others. Yesterday she asked me if I would take my clothes off and run around with her, cause it's fun..... um... right.... fun... NOT! Not to mention my brother and sister in law just moved in and I am pretty sure they would not appreciate that and neither would the other poor souls that occupy our house. Needless to say it has to stop. So I went to the bank today and got a WHOLE TON of quarters. And yes I plan on bribing my child to keep her clothing on I know bribing a child isnt always the best way to go, but I am not sure i can fight her any other way..... all I can say is pray for me... I dont know how much longer I can let this little nudist run around.

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