Sunday, April 25, 2010

Color My World Dance Performance

Kaysha, Jeremy and I went to Kenzi and Alexis last school dance recital for the year. this was Kenzi's last one for high school (I still cant believe she's graduating) I still cant believe how much we have all grown.... Kaysha and Dallin sat and teased each other the whole night. Dallin just had a blast, or at least appeared. But then again he was listening to kaysha's commentary on all of the dances... and dancers... yes kaysha made a wonderfully embarassing comment... one of the larger girls out dancing, unbeknownst to her, was pointed at by kaysha, as she said loudly "Mom, what's the fat girls name?" um yes, face red, stunned, with my jaw practically on the floor, I silently prayed no one heard. Wrong again. Dallin did. fortunatly for me just him. and he pointed and laughed as he was all but rolling on the floor. Sooo glad we could provide that entertainment for him.
Well here are a few shots of the girls, no i did not take them.
So this is the only picture of kenz out dancing. That's Her with the dark blue and white tutu, and the dark hair... yep only a back side shot... :( Maybe I'll find another one and add it later.

Here's a flamingo picture with flippy dresses! I think kaysha would love to have a dress up dress that has the movement these dresses have. (that's my cousin alexis)

Kaysha kept commenting on the 'fancy jumps' that all the girls kept doing. She LOVED it. I really want to get her into dance, but just dont really have the best schedule for it. hopefully one day it'll all work out and she can get to do the fun things she wants to do.

This is one was just so cool lookin i had to add it...

Yeah, for some reason there were a ton of good shots of lex.

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