Monday, May 30, 2011

Kayshas Room

I decided to fill all the holes in the wall and repaint in Kaysha's room... Got everything all finished up.. Ok mostly, I still need to add to her wall with the frames but I am not 100% sure what I else I want to put up there. It still looks bare to me tho. I got the frames at the dollar store and they were gold and black (super ugly) and Repainted them. The wire thing under the frames is also a dollar store find that I added beads to. The Bug hooks, I had the wood from another dollar store find, that was super ugly, I ripped the paper off and repainted and decoupaged the new paper on, then screwed on the hooks. The Vanity I got for Christmas when I was 16, I re attached the legs (they were just wobbly) and re-covered the seat. The Chandelier in the corner is a plant hanger I again repainted and added ribbon to (I really really love the way it turned out). My mom made one of the curtains, I did the other. The Lace banner on the wall Is made of lace ribbon and a curtain rod. The flowers are the flowers I tried to get my daughter to wear in her hair that she refused to wear so why not decorate with them. She takes them down ALL the time to put in her doll's hair. She's just grown so much. I just love this girl!

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