Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Sometimes work is just hard

During a regular day at work, we don't always deal with medical helicopters but the "birds" as we call them are one of our greatest resources.

I only bring that up because there are times when we don't use them for patients that we respond to, but on occasion we do use them for our own.

On June 24th i received a text page stating officer down, I did not know who it was or what city it happened in but my heart lept for all the Officers and deputies i work with. They are all amazing people and you build a relationship with them, and they are your family. I was later updated on who the officer was and what happened. It was Capt. Terry with lehi police department. I have talked to him on a few occasions and he always has so much care for all of the people he works with on a daily basis. He continually makes sure all the needs are met not only for officers and dispatchers but citizens that we make contact with. He will be sadly missed during his time of recovery and is in our prayers. we all hope the best for him.

Here is a picture from the scene of the incident. I was not at work when the incident happened but i did work that night. It is a hard time for all. You never truly understand until you have to go through it. I know the people this is the hardest on and will continue to be the hardest on are the officers that not only responded but the officers that were there and heard the dreaded words on the radio "Shots Fired, Officer Down." I hope this is not too much rambling but they are all in my heart. I respect everything they do to protect all of us!

P.S. thanks lisa i totally too the pictures off your blog!!

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