Sunday, November 30, 2008

Massive Slacker

Yet again i am slacking in the blog posting department, so I decided to do a quick update.

We had a wonderful pre-thanksgiving, held at my grandpa Olsen's house aka grandpa annie, kaysha was there and had fun, I was at work.... HUH imagine that! Then we had the whole shebang at my Grandma Clark's house. She went all out as usual. And it was Delish! After dinner we played games. the first one we played was a gift game with much amounts of passing, I didn't not fumble which was great. and kaysha ended up stealing the gifts she wanted from the other players, but we still all had fun. Then we played the game Curses and i highly recommend that game.... and can i say Britney sounds great with her teeth clenched as a Irish Scooby Doo. after the fun afternoon, we went home and relaxed. then i went to work... again.. and Friday we (I) spent most of the day sleeping, and Kaysha came in and out every now and again. and here i am again at work. well there's a little up date. hope you had a great holiday.

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