Monday, November 10, 2008

SUpeR SatURdaY!!!

Kaysha and I had a really long day saturday, and went on an adventure... here are the highlights... this will be a 2 post adventure.
Here is Billy the goat... he kept eating the fence.Here are some little Chickens...
Here is Kaysha on her Pony Ride, she had a blast, but kept letting go of the horn to pet the pony. She's quite the animal lover.
Here she is hiding from me cause i told her to smile.
Here is one of the horses that Kaysha really liked.

This is kaysha coming out of the dance hall....
To go to the Jail.... She liked the funny windows.

Here's Kaysha standing on the railing, saying "come her mr cow, I have a corn for you." then she started mooing at the cow.
here's the horse that practically attacked us... stuck his head all the way through the gate.
Is your Mamma A Llama?

Here is the Albino Peacock hiding his head.
Here is one of the Turkeys....
And the other one.... that may or may not have bitten one or both of the parties attending this outing.....

And here we are at the tropical room looking into the scary water. this concludes the first portion of our day up north.

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