Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Bless Nia and the decision to go DISCO SKATING!!! YEAH........ SO Nia, Stephanie, Kristina and I decided to have a girls night. We went to pizza factory for dinner, and ended up eating off of each others plates... and all decided Nia decided on the best order.... next time she orders for me. Then we made our way over to Classic Skating... yep you heard it right.... that place is still there. As you walk in there's a sign that says anyone over the age of 21 (believe it or not 21 apparently is old) could have a great risk of injury while skating..... um.... yeah....... i am over 21.... watch me be the only one that get's hurt..... OH how cute Jes and Nia cuddling...............
Ok so this one is dark but there we are, Me, Stephanie, Kristina, and Nia.......
And there's Stephanie, Kristina, and Nia once again.
We all started off in roller skates, and decided to change to roller blades..... trust me wise decision, we all stunk at the roller skates (except Stephanie she rocked) anywho... we were just having fun going around and some random chick takes me out from behind..... totally takes my legs out from under me, I am permanantly damaged by this and therefore will never go to disco night again..... unless Nia talks me into it again. But i totally landed flat on my back after flying like a mile in the air. Poor Kristina was laughing so hard i thought she was going to pee her pants... and Nia looked like a deer in headlights and had no idea what was going on. needless to say we had fun, and all in all it was a good night.

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